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The Governors and associate members of Brampton Primary School recognise that we hold an important public office and as such strive to operate at all times with transparency and the well-being of the children and the reputation of the school at heart. As such we publish up-to-date details of our governance arrangements here on the school website.

 This information includes all the names of the governors, what category of governor they are and which body appointed them. It states each individuals term of office according to our constitution. It names the committees that each governor serves on and any specific positions of responsibility held. Each individual governor’s attendance at governing body and committee meetings over the last academic year is also published here.

 We also acknowledge here any relevant business, pecuniary or material interests, including relationships which have potential to cause a conflict of interest.

Our code of conduct clearly states what is expected of the Governors of Brampton Primary School and is reaffirmed yearly.

 The Governors work closely with school to support and challenge its work and development.

Their involvement is invaluable to the success of the school. From time to time vacancies will occur for parent Governors and you may wish to consider putting yourself forward for election.


  • Nigel Saul (Chair of Governors) 
  • Ms Sharon Davis (Vice Chair)
  • Mrs Samantha Spyve  (Headteacher)
  • Miss Kirsty Litchfield (Staff - Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr Tim Husband (Co-opted)
  • Mr David Miller (Local Authority)
  • Mrs Gillian Rhodes
  • Mrs Helen Loizou

Clerk to Governors

Terms of Office for Governors/Governor Committee Structure and Pecuniary Business Interest 

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 Governors' Meetings Attendance Register

Attendance at governors' meetings during academic year 2020-21 click here

Attendance at governors' meetings during academic year 2021 - 22 click here


School Governor Elections

For Declaration of Eligibility Section PG1(c) please click here.

 Please see below details: 





Governor Name









Pecurinary & Business Interest




Term of Office

Nigel Saul Co-opt

Chair of Governors


Pupil Admission


28/2/19 - 26/7/23

Sharon Davis Co-opt

Vice Chair


H&S and premises


10/10/19 - 11/10/23

David Miller - Local Authority



15/10/20 - 16/10/24

Tim Husband Co-opt



28/2/19 – 26/7/23

Tracey Hadley Co-Opt



28/2/19 – 26/7/23

Tracey McNeilly  Co-Opt


H&S and Premises

Finance & Personnel


10/10/19 - 11/10/23

Josh Stretton  Parent



12/3/20 - 13/3/24

Adam Willis Co-opt

Finance & Personnel



7/5/21 - 8/5/25

Amy Crowther- Staff

Finance & Personnel




Wayne Parkinson - Headteacher




Julie Hamilton – Clerk to Governors