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Fun to Run for Comic Relief

This year, children at Brampton raised money for 'Comic Relief' by taking part in a 'Fun to Run' event around the school playground, which was organised by our Brilliant Bronze Ambassadors. All children from Reception to Year 6 took part in this event, choosing either to run for fun around the course in fancy dress or to compete for the top three boy and girl in their class. 

Due to the high winds, the run was postponed until the following Friday but prizes for best fancy dress outfits were awarded to one child in each class on the day of Comic Relief by our Bronze Ambassadors.

Winners for best fancy dress outfit were:

Miss Draper: Zante 

Mrs Marsh/Pettinger: Finn

Mrs Sacco: Scarlet

Miss Clayton: Dylan

Miss Evans:Ella

Miss Stevenson: Zak

Mrs Hadley/Smith: Aliya

Mrs Smith: Connor

Miss Wright: Megan

Mrs Young: Martha

Miss Holmes: Evie C

The 'Fun to Run' event was a huge success with every child completing the course - three laps for Reception and Key Stage One and five laps for Key stage Two. It was great to see how supportive the children were of each other and there was some fierce competition for those children wanting to gain a top three place.

A massive well done to everyone who completed to run including members of staff who challenged themselves to complete the run too!

A huge thank-you to our Brilliant Bronze Ambassadors for organising and running the event - you were all fantastic.

Fun to Run Race Results:

Miss Draper: 1st: Gabriella and Henry  2nd: Keira and Flynn  3rd: Iona and Reggie

Mrs Marsh/Pettinger: 1st: Eliah and Zainab  2nd: Thomas and Amiyah  3rd: Finley M and Isra

Mrs Sacco: 1st: Evie and Freddie  2nd: Amelie and Reuben  3rd: Poppy and Leo

Miss Clayton: 1st: Martha and Marco  2nd: Dylan and Ophelia  3rd: Ben and Isabelle

Miss Evans: 1st: Oliver and Ella  2nd: Mckenzie and Poppy  3rd: Joe and Amelia

Miss Stevenson: 1st: Zakk and Hali  2nd: Sam and Agatha  3rd: Azael and Olivia

Mrs Hadley/Miss Smith: 1st: Ibbi and Addison  2nd: Oliver Land Poppy  3rd: Oliver B and Isla

Miss Smith: 1st: Harry and Laya  2nd: Scott and Lola  3rd: Roman and Evie K

Miss Wright: 1st: Eli and Scarlett  2nd: Marcus and Leah  3rd: William and Fan Ling

Mrs Young: 1st: Hamza and Katie  2nd: Noah and Faye  3rd: Evan and Sophie

Miss Holmes: 1st: Fabien and Evie  2nd: Micah and Bobby  3rd: Bobby and Isabelle

A massive thank-you to everyone who collected sponsor money for this fantastic event. So far we have raised an amazing: £950! A special mention must be given to Oliver L in Year 3, who raised a truly incredible £203.50!