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SEND (Special Educational Needs)

At Brampton we believe children do not have a disability but different abilities.

Brampton Primary School aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children and when planning, teachers set suitable learning challenges and respond to children’s diverse learning needs.  Some children have particular learning requirements that could create barriers to learning and we as a school endeavour to overcome any potential barriers to enable inclusion for all. Special education provision means educational provision which is additional to, or otherwise different from, the educational provision made generally for children of their age

The Four Broad Ares of SEND are:

Communication and Interaction

Cognition and Learning

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties

Sensory and/or Physical Needs



 To value each child

  • Identify the needs of children as early as possible
  • Identify the specific needs of each child in order that they can receive extra provision to achieve alongside their peer group
  • Access the progress and attainment of the children to provide appropriate targeted support
  • To maximise the opportunities for children with SEND to join in with all the activities of the school


To provide a happy, stimulating and secure environment

  • Ensure that the children can achieve targets by making them S.M.A.R.T. (Specific Measured Attainable Realistic Timed)
  • Ensure that children do not feel embarrassed, humiliated or threatened because of their needs
  • Ensure that there is a clear structure to the children’s day and that they are able to achieve success and build their self esteem


To offer equality of opportunity

  • Enable the children with SEND to participate and be included fully into the life of the school regardless of need
  • Enable the children to have full access to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study at their level
  • Ensure all children in school achieve their full potential in line with Every Child Matters (ECM)


To encourage respect in all areas

  • Respect the abilities of the children by praising and celebrating their successes and progression
  • Concentrate on ability of children rather than disability
  • Encourage the rest of the class to respect and encourage the children with SEND


To develop and encourage the desire to learn

  • By using SMART targets and praise, encourage the children with SEND to assess themselves against the teacher’s and their own targets
  • When possible making lessons multi-sensory, suiting different learning styles and using a range of resources
  • Discussing feelings and targets with the children in order to develop a desire to self-improve


To promote independence and responsibility

  • Provide individual targets within the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and encourage the children to assess their own progress against the targets
  • Enable the children to be responsible for their own equipment and resources


To provide clear and concise communication within the school and the wider community

  • Inform parents and governors about changes to SEND provision and policy via the prospectus, individual letters to parents of SEND children and regular governors meetings
  • Inform the Local Authority (LA) about the progress of children who have statements of SEND
  • Provide clear notice of annual and interim reviews
  • Inform parents about the progress of their child on the SEND register