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At Brampton Primary School we aim for children to develop a love of reading and writing.

The teaching of literacy in EYFS and KS1:

Our pupils learn to read and write effectively and quickly using the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme.

The programme is for:

  • pupils in Year R to Year 2 who are learning to read and write
  • any pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4 who need to catch up rapidly.


We teach pupils to:

­   decode letter-sound correspondences quickly and effortlessly, using their phonic knowledge and skills

­   read ‘tricky’ words on sight

­   understand what they read

­   read aloud with fluency and expression

­   write confidently, with a strong focus on vocabulary and grammar

­   spell quickly and easily by segmenting the sounds in words

­   acquire good handwriting.


Have a look at the video links below to find out more about our phonics programme. 

Click here for an overview of Read, Write Inc

Click here to learn how to say the pure sounds. 


The teaching of literacy in KS2 includes:

  • explicitly taught and planned sessions following the guidance and objectives of the Read,Write Inc Literacy and Language programme;
  • word level work with explicit teaching of spelling strategies and rules and phonics using ‘Get Spelling’.
  • sentence level work led by quality texts to develop grammatical awareness and punctuation skills
  • text level work involving reading a range of genres to develop comprehension skills and scaffold writing;
  • a range of text types, including cross-curricular writing, modelled to promote sustained composition;
  • handwriting and presentational skills taught according to our handwriting policy;
  • immersion in a print rich environment that promotes a positive reading culture and develops speaking and listening.