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Creative Curriculum




At Brampton Primary School, we aim to provide a rich, varied broad and balanced, enquiry-based curriculum for all children which enables skills and knowledge to be progressively built in each subject. Aspiration including enterprise, independence and diversity are the essential drivers throughout the whole curriculum and are fundamental values that we encourage in all our school community.

Our curriculum design fully supports and engages all our diverse learners within our school community encouraging them to become global citizens, having the purpose, skills and dreams to make a better future.  Our curriculum ensures all aspects of the National Curriculum programmes of study are taught, whilst providing a wealth of enrichment and extra-curricular activities.




Our creative topic-based curriculum is driven by the subjects: history, geography, art and DT.  Whole class reading is linked with our topics as well as focusses for writing.  It is our belief that this synergy creates a greater depth of knowledge which fuels better quality writing.  Our topics are supported by high quality texts which bring them to life; with reading, vocabulary and practical learning being key to our children achieving their potential.

Carefully planned topics ensure the progression of skills throughout school. Threshold Key Concepts (knowledge and skills) are the ‘big ideas’ that shape our pupils thinking in subjects. The same concepts are explored, repeated and transferred at greater depth each year through a breadth of exciting topic themes. Children gradually deepen their understanding of them through Milestones in their learning journey. Milestones 1,2,3 by the end of Y2, Y4 and Y6 and progressively deeper understanding of subject key concepts. Our aim is to deepen children’s learning into their long-term memory and be able to confidently transfer skills across subjects.